7 tips for a perfect anti-ageing treatment ⏰


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We all know that bad habits – like sunbathing too much without protection, eating poorly or going to bed with make-up still on – cause our beloved skin to age prematurely. But are we sure we know the good habits that make our skincare routine a real daily anti-ageing treatment? No?! No problem, we’ll help you!

Are you ready? Let’s get started!

1) Listening to your skin 🥰

Even though you may have spent a lot of money on a well-reviewed cream, don’t stop at what others say, but pay attention to the reactions of your own skin. Is there redness, or do you feel a tingling or an itch? Stop using it immediately! These could be symptoms of an allergy or a minor irritation, and if you want your skin not to age prematurely, it is best to avoid skin irritations. Exceptions to this are of course products recommended by a dermatologist, which can be itchy because they contain a small amount of acid.

2) Always protect yourself from the sun ☀️

We’re sorry, we know people are tired of hearing this by now, but the first (big) trick to a better skincare that really helps against cellular ageing of our skin is still to protect yourself from the sun’s rays. And be careful: we’re not just talking about holidays, but every day.

Even in winter, even when it rains, you should apply a cream with SPF 50 (depending on the shade of your phototype). If your skin is already oily and you don’t want to make it too heavy, you can also find protective waters. We know that UVA rays are strongest between 12 and 14 o’clock on summer days, but – unfortunately – their negative effects can also be felt when, apparently, the sun is not shining.

3) Preventing expression lines

Nose-labial wrinkles, the curl on the upper lip for those who – ouch! – have a smoking habit, the line on the forehead for those who frown frequently. Our face shows the use we make of it, creating wrinkles in the places where we most often ‘bend’ our skin.

What to do? Since it is under extra stress, compensate with extra nutrition. You can apply eye cream to all sensitive areas, or do the same with night cream.

4) Healthy eating 🥦🍋🥕🍅

Yes, skincare must also include a healthy diet. Several studies show that a diet rich in fruit and vegetables – fresh, avoid sugar-filled juices! – counteracts the natural ageing of our skin. Avoid sugars as much as possible, which, on the contrary, accelerate ageing, as does alcohol, which also causes dehydration.

Another fundamental aspect is hydration: drink 1.5 to 2 litres of water a day! The thirst stimulus can be trained, the more I drink, the more I will drink.

Here they are, the vitamins you must not let your skin lack:

– vitamin C = involved in collagen synthesis (broccoli, basil, spinach, citrus fruits and tomatoes);
– vitamin A = fat-soluble vitamin found in eggs and dairy products;
– beta-carotene = plant pigment that is a precursor of vitamin A, found in cereals, carrots, apricots and pumpkin (which is not in season, but we recommend freezing one already cut up in autumn).
– vitamin E = olive oil, a powerful skin decongestant and anti-inflammatory.

Extra tip: add a good dose of protein to your diet to support collagen production.

5) Learning when to clean your face 💦

Good facial cleansing is essential to eliminate impurities that prevent the skin from breathing and dehydrate it, not to mention the residues of pollution that are responsible for cellular ageing. But be careful: don’t limit yourself to washing your face only in the morning and evening. Do it, as you do your hands, whenever it is dirty (or whenever you can). In particular, after a workout, or if you have been sweating in general, wash your face immediately as sweat has an acidic pH which can damage and irritate your skin.

6) Knowing how to clean your face without ‘ruining’ it

Warning: although cleaning your face is important, you need to be able to do it properly. Too aggressive cleansing damages the skin by creating micro-lesions and dehydrating it. Today we are seeing an increasing use of acid-based products, and it is not uncommon to find small doses of salicylic acid in cleansers. But this only makes your skin weaker, especially if you don’t really need it. What to do instead? Use gentle cleansers, micellar water and oil-based make-up removers, for example, and wash with your hands or a microfibre cloth. Then immediately restore the hydrolipidic film by applying an anti-ageing moisturising cream.

7) Always use the right products 

There is a specific skincare for every age. The needs of 25-year-olds are different from those of 40-year-olds, and you need to adjust accordingly. But there is one golden rule that should apply to everyone: do your homework and buy only the best anti-wrinkle creams. There are so many creams on the market today (perhaps too many), from organic to those with silicones that have a filling effect or soften the texture of the skin. It doesn’t matter which one you choose, the important thing is that it is of good quality. Poor quality creams often contain a very low dose of active ingredients, too low to be really effective. In short, money down the drain.

A face serum, for example, is a product that should be applied immediately after toning and just before applying the treatment cream. In many cases the serum can be a pleasant substitute for the face cream, especially in the summer when the heat sets in.

This product should be applied in drops and massaged into the face with small circular strokes, insisting on the parts of the face most subject to the action of free radicals, such as the oval, the eye and lip contours. Be careful not to bring the product close to the eye because face serums are not usually formulated to be applied to such delicate areas. Simply dab it into the eye area where the bones of the eyeball are located.

Applied in the morning and evening, the face serum will not delay in giving excellent results, a more toned, hydrated, nourished, elastic and compact skin.

There is a desire to shine, yes, but with a less demanding cosmetic approach. It is the triumph of Skin-Minimalism, or rather a few essential gestures for a relaxed result.


«I’m a big believer that if you focus on good skin care, you don’t need so much make-up.»
Demi Moore


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