Easter Holiday 🐇🐣🐝 (..and exceptional discounts on the best sets)

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Easter is a Christian festivity that sign up also the beginning of spring-time, longer daily light and a real life’s rebirth🌱: a true miracle of energy and positive vibes (despite this so prolonged difficult period).

On this celebration of peace it is customary to give coloured or chocolate eggs, to enjoy time with our family or to exchange gifts 🐣

Even though we aren’t free to make what we want or go where we want, we must be happy, enjoy our life everyday and try to make us beautiful and perfumed as always 🥰

To help you with this last point, I would like to dispense you 5 ESSENTIAL TIPS on how best to wear your favourite perfume:

  1. In order to make it last a long time, it must be applied to the pulsating areas of the body, where blood pressure is highest. The skin in these areas tends to be warmer and this enhances the olfactory notes contained in the atomised fragrance: neck, wrists and behind the ears.
  2. If you are a woman: breasts, belly, knees and hair (for hair, it’s better if the perfume is mild, e.g. eau de cologne). If you are a man: chest and elbows; in this last point of our body, the perfume engages between the textures of the skin tissue, leaving a pleasant trail of scented notes.
  3. It’s not enough just to spray it in the right places, but it’s important to always spray it on clean skin, perhaps after a shower. When the skin is dirty, the grease covering the epidermis prevents the perfume from sticking.
  4. The type of perfume and its concentration can influence its performance and persistence over time. If the aim is to make it last as long as possible, it is best to understand beforehand the differences between Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum.
  5. There are fabrics that are more suitable for keeping the perfume on. Wool and linen are suitable, but silk is not recommended. The lapels of jackets are the best place to hide a few drops of perfume and let it be felt throughout the day.
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Be simply beautiful.. with us 💖