quiz to discover the fragrance that best suits your personality.


Perfume is undoubtedly one of the most loved and coveted beauty products in the history of mankind: a true beauty ritual that has been handed down for thousands of years. Choosing a perfume is never easy as many factors come into play: both technical, such as analysis of the production method, and olfactory and sensory.

Setting aside the essentially practical issue of choosing a perfume, I offer you a very short quiz to help you choose the perfume that suits your personality, or at least offer you a tool to discern between the many possibilities.


So here is a quiz to help you choose a perfume: simply write down the majority of the answers you give and find out what your olfactory profile is!

1. The alarm-clock rings. The first thought is:

A. Get me a coffee now!
B. Brioche or toast?
C. Open the windows and let the fresh air in.

2. Your favourite dinner is:

A. Kebab and Coca-Cola
B. Caesar salad and water
C. Grilled fish and wine

3. An afternoon of relaxation is:

A. Vintage market today?!
B. Luna park
C. Walking in the park

4. The film you never tire of seeing is:

A. Ramen Girl / Karate Kid
B. Ghost
C. Midnight in Paris

5. The brand you want to wear every day:

A. Mango
B. Dior
C. Nike


If the majority of your answers are A, it means that you love exotic, spicy, aromatic perfumes with a strong character, just like yours!

If you can’t survive without your daily dose of caffeine, I suggest a new strong addiction, that of Black Opium Extreme by Yves Saint Laurent; if you’re crazy for oriental essences, take a whiff and go on a spicy journey with Invictus Victory by Paco Rabanne and Cool Water for Her Parfum by Davidoff; if you like sweet but still pungent flavours such as liquorice, perhaps Lancôme’s La Nuit Trésor Dentelle de Roses is for you; if you can’t resist a sprinkling of pepper everywhere, perhaps it’s time to spray Hugo Boss Orange Man on your body!


If the majority of your answers are B, it means that you are a romantic with a weakness for gluttony.

If candyfloss is always an irresistible temptation, there’s no doubt about it, you have to try Toy 2 Bubble Gum by Moschino; if you’re hiding chocolate bars to avoid bingeing, try No Limit$ Super Fre$h by Philipp Plein as a valid substitute; if you’re just waiting for summer to binge on peaches, The Scent for Her by Hugo Boss will comfort you all winter long when you can’t eat them; if the scent of peony and magnolia is a must, Bright Crystal by Versace will make your day.


If the majority of your answers are C, you are a lover of freedom, the absence of limits, the serenity of your days.

If nothing relaxes you like a starry mid-summer night when the air is thick with the scent of jasmine, Alien by Mugler is the right fragrance to evoke that feeling all year round; if the sea is your habitat and the taste of salt on your skin makes you feel good, the new Idôle Aura by Lancôme and Valentino Uomo Born in Roma will always make you feel like a little mermaid; if May is your favourite month because the greenhouses are finally overflowing with roses, you have to choose Carolina Herrera‘s Very Good Girl; if you love the scent of laundry, Narciso Rodriguez Poudrée will always make you feel clean.


Here are some tips for choosing the perfume that suits your personality.
Now all that remains is to wear it!