The common dream of many girls is to have long, thick, beautiful eyelashes, like Katy Perry or Rihanna, for example; but what are the really good products? What about recommended treatments? How important is it to remove make-up properly from the eye? And above all, what myths need to be debunk?

Not everyone has been given long, thick lashes by Mother Nature, but it is still possible to achieve great results by taking care of your eyelashes, day by day, with little tricks, which I will now reveal to you. For example, using the right make-up definitely makes a difference.

There are also specific treatments, some of which are more gentle and others more invasive. Of course, the results of the more invasive ones can be truly amazing, provided they are carried out by experts in the field and on lashes that are already strong.

Do you want to try healthier and gentler methods instead? How can you best juggle products and treatments and avoid false myths?

Let’s find out together and see the 10 secrets to get the best out of your lashes:

1. Remove your make-up (and well)

The first thing to do, which is essential for naturally healthy and strong lashes, is to clean them properly. For this reason, removing make-up is something we are all obliged to do without being too lazy. It is best to remove mascara using a special eye make-up remover, placing the soaked pad on the eye and holding it for a few seconds. In this way the mascara will begin to dissolve and you will not need to rub it in insistently. Simply apply light pressure and gently move the pad downwards. Finally, use a cotton bud to remove any residue.


2. Nutrition

The health of our eyelashes, as well as that of our entire body, also depends on our diet. To help make eyelashes grow faster and more voluminous, it is important to include in the diet foods high in vitamins A, B, C and E, contained in foods such as almonds, avocados, olive oil or broccoli.


3. Combs the lashes too

Combing the lashes stimulates their growth’. The thing to keep in mind is to do this when they are clean and made up. Use a brush to prevent small dust particles from settling on them, allowing the hair to “breathe” properly. You don’t need to buy a specific tool to comb your mascara: just keep and wash the brush from a used mascara well.


4. The eyelash curler

An eyelash curler is a must-have item in our beauty kit. Thanks to this tool, which not everyone takes into consideration, the lashes are lifted slightly and appear naturally longer. Again, to avoid damaging the lashes, they should be clean and free of mascara residues. Do not apply too much pressure when using it, always move the eyelash curler slowly and avoid excessively sudden movements.


5. The Eyeliner

The first secret is to apply a thin line of black pencil along the entire upper edge of the eye, blending it in well. This creates a shadow just above the base of the lashes, which will make them look optically fuller and thicker.


6. Just the right mascara

It is advisable to use a mascara with fibres, which helps to gently shape and structure the lashes, providing a good lengthening and volumising effect. Remember that the tips of the lashes have less melanin, so it is essential to apply the mascara in this area. As for the brush, the hourglass brush is definitely the best: it allows you to separate the thickest lashes, giving more length and volume.

7. Mascara: tips to follow

Use quality products and you will notice the difference. The eyes are among the most delicate parts of our bodies, but despite this we often don’t pay attention to the quality of our make-up or, even worse, the expiry date on products. Mascara in particular comes into contact with the eyelashes and tear glands, so it is basic to honour these stratagems. Do not use the product beyond the expiry date indicated on the bottle and approximately 6 months after opening. If the consistency is too thick, you can try diluting it with a couple of drops of eye drops to allow for even application. In the event of conjunctivitis (or irritation), replace the product to avoid the proliferation of bacteria. Do not share it with other people, just as you do with your toothbrush.

8. To be denied. What do you think about?

There is no scientific evidence to support the claim that the use of oils (olive or castor) or other ointments (such as honey) alone can promote eyelash growth. On the contrary, the use of these products on such a delicate area could be dangerous, as too much would put the bulb at risk, “suffocating” the hair and preventing it from growing. So why do you feel you have longer lashes immediately after these treatments? The oil creates a thick layer which, as a result, makes the lashes appear more voluminous.

9. Serums

There are a lot of serums on the market that promise exponential eyelash growth, but in general, serums tend to ‘inflate’ the hair, without actually making it thicker. The best eyelash serums seek to improve the condition of the eyelash from within by fortifying the follicles that stimulate eyelash growth. They enable you to get thicker, thicker and longer eyelashes, almost as long as false ones. Be careful of irritation: eyelash serums can often cause unexpected reactions. Absolutely not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

10. Treatments

If you want to use lash fillers, lamination, extensions or others, it is important to warn your trusted lash maker about any sensitivities or previous treatments. If you have used serums, for example, your lashes will appear thicker and thicker even though they are actually very delicate and fragile. It is therefore very important to take precautions, carefully assessing the structure and health of your lashes.

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