ERBORIAN Milk & Peel Shot Face Mask

Inspired by the cleansing superpower of sesame milk.

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ERBORIAN Milk & Peel Shot Mask 18gr

Discover the MILK & PEEL SHOT MASK, inspired by the cleansing superpower of sesame milk.

This skilful combination of gentle and effective exfoliation and a highly nourishing mask offers a double action for a ‘new skin’ effect in minutes!

FLASH PEEL: start by applying the peeling serum, enriched with exfoliating enzymes. Immediately, the peeling smoothes the skin’s texture, revives its radiance and helps make it more receptive to the next step.
MILK BATH: Next, intensively nourish your skin with the sheet mask soaked in a formula enriched with sesame milk. After this comforting ‘milk bath’, your skin will appear smoother, silkier and naturally radiant!

-All skin types
-Dermatologically tested

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