Once again this year we will have to deal with the arrival of cool winds and autumn rains and prepare our beloved skin for the cold of winter. The key word for this period will therefore be ‘prolonged rehydration‘.

Increased exposure to the sun’s UV rays, typical of the summer season, has contributed to accelerating the so-called ‘photoaging‘ damage, especially if proper hydration has not been followed. In order to provide the skin of the face with the right amount of nutrients, it is necessary to apply a moisturising and nourishing cream, which creates a real ultra-protective layer on the skin. For autumn, in fact, it is usual to use creams with a richer texture, based on vitamins and mineral salts, which restore the elasticity of the dermis and its natural shine. As if this weren’t enough, combination, oily and acne-prone skin must also take into account the “post-summer rebound“.

If the sun thickens the skin to defend itself against ultraviolet rays (thus reducing the formation of sebum), once the summer is over the skin returns to its usual thickness and the imperfections visible on the surface multiply.

Um dem entgegenzuwirken, empfehlen wir die folgenden vier Schritte für den Herbst und die wichtigsten Inhaltsstoffe, auf die Sie bei Produkten achten sollten.


Cleansing your face is always the first essential step. Take a few extra minutes to do it right, with the right products for your skin type. If you want to be on the safe side, use a gentle cleanser that allows your skin to improve physiologically and allows the skin barrier to maintain a good balance.


Renew your skin. Another essential step to take for a successful autumn skincare routine is to use a gentle scrub on your face, which can mechanically work on the most superficial and lifeless layer of your skin, eliminating it and facilitating its regeneration.


We need to reintroduce it gradually, after we had put it on the back burner in the summer, or almost. A serum is in fact a concentrate of active agents useful for nourishment. Serums with vitamin C, retinol and hyaluronic acid are the most important at this time of year: rich in antioxidant properties and able to accelerate cell repair.


And finally, after doing all this ‘dirty work’, it’s time to pamper ourselves. Finally we can indulge ourselves with the various ingredients, although the fundamental action of a moisturising cream is to prevent evaporation and dispersion of skin moisture. For the daytime it is important that your cream has protection factors (SPF at least 15), while for the evening you should use a cosmetic capable of attracting water, which has hyaluronic acid, urea, lactic acid, allantoin, or vitamin E and vegetable oils, to obtain an elasticising and nourishing action.

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