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Eau de Toilette 200ml

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CALVIN KLEIN Ck One is a fresh, light fragrance that captures an independent, bold spirit. This unisex fragrance is an ode to sensuality and freedom, an explosion of emotion that blends into a unique olfactory symphony.

Top notes unleash vibrant energy, with citrus accents of bergamot, lemon, and mandarin giving an immediate and engaging freshness. These citrus elements then mingle with a subtle sweetness of green notes and fresh green tea leaves, creating an intriguing contrast and a feeling of vitality.

Floral nuances emerge in the heart of the fragrance, with a bouquet of delicate white flowers such as lily, rose, and jasmine. These floral notes add a touch of femininity and romance to the composition, giving it an enveloping and seductive intensity.

The base notes of CALVIN KLEIN Ck One reveal a warm and enveloping soul, with a combination of white musk and amber giving depth and sensuality to the fragrance. These captivating notes combine with a woody accord of cedar and sandalwood, lending a touch of mystery and lasting allure.

Together, these notes create a scent that evokes a feeling of freshness, lightness and freedom. CALVIN KLEIN Ck One is the essence of a bold, independent personality who embraces life with passion and determination. It is a fragrance that perfectly suits men and women who like to stand out and leave a trail of sensuality wherever they go.

Whether you are looking for a perfume for yourself or a gift for someone special, CALVIN KLEIN Ck One is a perfect choice for those who wish to express their individuality in a unique and elegant way.

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Eau de Toilette 200ml

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