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Eau de Toilette 25ml

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A very seductive, exuberant and irresistible fragrance that smells of zest for life.

Surprising and colorful. Feminine and simultaneously assertive. Authentic and intense.

Dolce & Gabbana‘s “full of zest for life” perfume, “Light Blue,” is the captivating, exuberant and irresistible feminine fragrance created by Dolce & Gabbana.

The feminine composition is floral and fruity; the top note is dominated by the freshness of Sicilian lemon, the youthful and bursting aromas of Granny Smith and the spontaneity of campanula.

Jasmine, bamboo and white rose clearly characterize the feminine scents of the heart note.

The strong but warm character of cedarwood, the opulence of amber and seductive music characterize the true and authentic base of Light Blue.

Fragrance Notes.

Top notes:
Lemon, marigold, cedarwood, apple

Middle notes:
jasmine, bamboo, white rose

Base notes:
cedarwood, amber, musk

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Eau de Toilette 25ml

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