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ROBERTO CAVALLI Paradiso Assoluto

Eau de Parfum 75ml

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ROBERTO CAVALLI Paradiso Assoluto Eau de Parfum Vapo 75ml

Explore the enchanting sensory paradise of Roberto Cavalli Paradiso Assoluto. This fragrance embodies the essence of beauty and exoticism, transporting you on an unforgettable journey through lush tropical gardens.

The 75ml bottle reflects the elegance and distinctive style of Roberto Cavalli, with sinuous lines and a golden cap that captures attention. The zesty top notes of mandarin and bergamot open the fragrance with vibrant freshness, while the floral heart of jasmine and frangipani adds a touch of sensuality and femininity. The base notes of sandalwood and vanilla provide depth and warmth, enveloping the skin with a captivating and enveloping trail.

Roberto Cavalli Paradiso Assoluto is a fragrance that celebrates the beauty of life and the joy of living. Wear it during the day for a touch of tropical luxury or in the evening for a seductive and sophisticated atmosphere.

This fragrance is not just a perfume, but a sensory experience that evokes images of golden sunsets and tropical breezes. Its olfactory persistence makes it ideal for women who want to leave a memorable impression wherever they go.

Paradiso Assoluto is now available for those who want to immerse themselves in the essence of beauty and elegance. Buy now and get ready to be transported to a paradise of lush sensations.

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Eau de Parfum Vapo 75ml