The body ritual with 3 precious oils.

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BIOTHERM Body Balm 400ml

The body ritual with 3 precious oils.

Does your skin need radiance, softness, comfort and sensuality? Treat yourself to a moment of pure pleasure with Oil Therapy by Biotherm.

3 extraordinary oils for your skin: – rosehip oil, rich in omega 3 and 6, with regenerating and fortifying characteristics – passion flower oil, rich in omega 3 and 6, with nourishing and sublimating characteristics – apricot oil, rich in essential fatty acids, with smoothing and softening characteristics.


A complete range for the body, in 4 gestures, a precious pleasure, glowing skin.

 1. Exfoliate! A nourishing exfoliating oil with sugars for a gentle exfoliating action. Smooth, soft and radiant skin.

 2. Cleansing! A shower oil that cleanses and protects. Nourished and satinised skin.

 3. Nourish! A nourishing body cream, an extraordinary Biotherm product. Soft, smooth and firm skin.

 4. Sublimate! An elixir oil, with a concentrate of precious oils. Nourished and plumped skin.

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