SHISEIDO Ginza Murasaki Floreale

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SHISEIDO Ginza Murasaki Floral Eau de Parfum


Murasaki is a shade of purple famous in Japan as a symbol of nobility, dignity, refinement and honour.

It is a precious colour, an almost mystical, once elitist shade reserved exclusively for the court and the Samurai.

Ginza Murasaki Eau de Parfum is the olfactory representation of modern femininity, delicate and sensual on the one hand and strong and determined on the other, ready to shine in the contemporary world.

In the top notes, the refined violet blends with the sparkling and seductive notes of Fuji apple and pomegranate.

Absolutely feminine and sunny, the floral bouquet combines jasmine, the symbol of grace, and wisteria, a Murasaki-coloured flower whose delicate petals hang on a solid trunk. A touch of freesia illuminates the bouquet.

With the velvety power of sandalwood and luminous woods, the vibration of the bouquet takes on a new dimension.

A fruity bouquet of violets sculpted by luminous woods, the perfect balance of strength and femininity.

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Eau de Parfum 30ml