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BULGARI Petits et Mamans SET

Eau de Toilette SET 3 pcs.

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BULGARI Petits et Mamans Gift-set 3pcs.

This set contains:

Eau de Toilette 100ml

Body Lotion 75ml

• Trousse


The BULGARI Petits et Mamans gift set is a collection of three exceptional products packaged in an elegant and refined manner. Perfect for mothers and their little wonders, this set offers a unique sensory experience.

The flagship of this set is the 100 ml Eau de Toilette.

This delicate and charming fragrance was specially created for mothers and their babies.

Fresh, light floral notes blend harmoniously with bright citrus nuances, creating a sweet, enveloping scent.

Alongside the Eau de Toilette, you will also find a 75 ml body lotion. This silky, moisturising lotion is enriched with gentle, nourishing ingredients to pamper mother’s and baby’s skin.

Its light texture absorbs quickly, leaving the skin soft, moisturised and fragrant. It is a wonderful way to pamper and care for the delicate skin of the whole family.

Finally, the trousse included in the set is the perfect finishing touch. This elegant and practical case is perfect for storing products and taking them everywhere. With its sophisticated design and durable construction, the trousse is a versatile accessory that fits any lifestyle.

The BULGARI Petits et Mamans gift set is a tribute to the beauty and love that binds mothers to their children. With its combination of refined fragrance, moisturising lotion and elegant trousse, this set offers a complete care and wellness experience. It is the perfect gift to celebrate the special bond between mother and child and to create precious moments of pampering and tenderness.

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