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Eau de Toilette SET 2 pcs.

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JEAN PAUL GAULTIER Le Male Eau de Toilette Gift-Set 2 pcs.

This Set contains:

Eau de Toilette 125ml

Shower Gel 75ml


Here he comes!

Check out the first ever male fragrance created by Jean Paul Gaultier!

Just stepped ashore wearing his iconic sailor top. Chest forward and muscles bulging. Ready for adventure on board his iconic metal can. The proud and virile bottle and its sexy sailor, Le Male, capsizes the senses whichever way the tide is flowing. Free and irresistibly sexy.

A storm warning for the heart! Those who dare to dive into the blue depths of this fern and amber eau de toilette are soon swept away on waves of lavender and vanilla. With a blast of fresh mint in the stern.

Full steam ahead!


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