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Oud Blanc is not a reworked version of oud: rather, it is a rediscovery. The woody-oriental nuanced fragrance, this time presented in a white lacquered signature bottle of the collection, fascinates with its amazingly crystal-clear vision of this so multi-faceted wood.

Perfumer Anne Flipo lets us in on her secret: “To engage with the magic of oud in a completely new and unique way, I was inspired by what happens when you burn it. It releases a hot, white, very engaging and intense smoke that is full of mystery and opulence. I wanted to recreate the scent of this smoke, which is at once warm, gentle and translucent.”

Embraced by a gentle date note, she combined this exquisitely sumptuous oud accord with tenderly velvety Turkish rose. Vanilla adds a sweetly creamy facet to the composition, while incense spreads almost a little chaos with its infinitely smoky facets, further igniting all the multi-faceted nuances of the oud. The resulting warmth forms a striking contrast to the cool, graceful caress of aldehydic white musk. Thus, the impression of a fragrance cloud of warm, opulent oud smoke is brought to life.

Fragrance notes

Top notes: lemon essence, almond accord
Heart notes: cedar essence
Base notes: musk, vanilla

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Eau de Parfum 75ml