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CLARINS Jeunesse des Mains – Hand Cream


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CLARINS Jeunesse des Mains 100ml

The palm, back of the hand and nails are all cared for by an invisible beauty glove. it brings moisture to the driest skin, moisturising and softening the hands. it strengthens the nails and protects them from environmental deterioration. Absorbs quickly.

When exposed to the stresses of everyday life, such as weather, water and the activities we perform with them, hands are particularly vulnerable to injury and suffering. Take some time to care for them by using Clarins’ professional moisturising hand cream, rich in emollients, containing strengthening Japanese mulberry and soothing sesame oil. By invisibly protecting your hands from the environment, the moisturising cream creates a ‘glove’ of smooth, velvety skin, minimising the signs of ageing.

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