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CLARINS New Renewing Routine SET

Skincare SET 4pcs.

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CLARINS New Renewing Routine SET (4 items)


  • Huile Tonic 100ml
  • Gommage Peau Neuve 30ml
  • Baume-Huile Tonic 30ml
  • Pochette

This set from CLARINS is the essential set for a toned and perfectly moisturised skin. This Aroma box set brings together three formulas enriched with essential oils that stimulate both body and mind.

Start with the Exfoliating New Skin Scrub, which gently removes dead skin cells and smoothes the skin for a more radiant appearance. Next, apply the Moisturising Tonic Oil Balm, a super moisturising, revitalising and toning treatment from ankles to shoulders. Its texture rich in essential oils leaves the skin soft and nourished.

To improve the elasticity and firmness of the skin, use Tonic Oil. This firming oil visibly improves the appearance of the skin, leaving it firmer and smoother.

This box set contains a Tonic Oil in the sale format, together with a 30 ml ‘New Skin’ Exfoliating Scrub and a complimentary 30ml Tonic Moisturising Oil Balm.

Treat yourself or someone special to this limited edition renewal routine from CLARINS. Discover the benefits of essential oils to nourish and revitalise your skin. Take care of your body and enjoy toned, moisturised and radiant skin.

Don’t miss this opportunity and add this CLARINS New Renewing Routine gift set to your beauty routine now.


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