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COLLISTAR Anticellulite Routine SET

Skincare SET (2pcs.)

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COLLISTAR Anticellulite Routine Set (2pcs.)


  • Anticellulite Routine Cryo Gel 400ml
  • Anti-Water Thalasso Scrub 150g

In this exclusive limited edition package, Collistar presents you with two specific products to be used in combination for an effective body reshaping routine. First, we offer you a complete exfoliation, smoothing and skin-preparation, followed by a targeted treatment to combat cellulite imperfections.

Step 1 – ANTICELLULITE TALASSO-SCRUB: Using sea salts and brown sugar, this product performs a smoothing and revitalizing action on the skin, offering the benefits of thalassotherapy combined with the properties of aromatherapy. This unique combination of ingredients works synergistically to ensure soft and toned skin. At 150 grams, this scrub offers a complete full-body treatment.

Step 2 – CRIO-GEL ANTICELLULITE*: This anti-cellulite gel not only prevents the formation of cellulite blemishes, but actively treats them and counteracts their visibility. By stimulating microcirculation and fluid drainage, the gel acts directly on the areas affected by cellulite, improving the overall appearance of the skin. The 400-milliliter pack ensures prolonged and constant use for visible results.

With the combined use of these two products, you will benefit from a targeted and effective body care routine. Thanks to the deep exfoliation of the Anti-Cellulite Thalasso-Scrub and the specific action of the Anti-Cellulite Cryo-Gel, your skin will be ready to look smoother, toned and free from cellulite imperfections. This limited edition box set represents a unique opportunity to take care of your body in a complete and targeted way. Choose Collistar and give yourself the beauty you deserve.


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