IDC INSTITUTE Nourishing Foot Mask Chamomile

Moisturizing and nourishing mask specially formulated for dry, cracked feet.

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Nourishing Chamomile Foot Mask from IDC INSTITUTE: A moisturizing and nourishing mask specially formulated for dry and cracked feet, enriched with chamomile extracts. This mask is an effective treatment to restore moisture and softness to the skin of the feet.

To use it, start by separating the two socks included in the package and put them on. Adjust the adhesion of the socks around the ankle thanks to the adhesive part present. Now it’s time for your relaxation: wait patiently for 15 to 30 minutes, perhaps enjoying reading a good book or watching a good movie.

Once the settling time has elapsed, gently remove the socks and massage the remaining product until fully absorbed into your skin. For optimal comfort, we suggest you wear a pair of thick socks over the mask’s plastic ones to keep the skin warm and promote the effectiveness of the treatment.

With IDC INSTITUTE’s Nourishing Chamomile Foot Mask, you can finally give your feet the nourishment and hydration they need to make them soft, smooth and free of cracks. Enjoy this moment of care and pamper your tired feet to regain the well-being and beauty of your skin.

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