Welcome to our website, where you will find the latest in perfumes, skin care creams, make-up and accessories. We are thrilled to present you with new collections from top brands such as Yves Saint Laurent, Lancome, Gucci, Armani, Jean Paul Gaultier, Shiseido, Erborian, Clarins, Dolce & Gabbana, Van Cleef, YSL Makeup and many more. Discover the promotions and novelties at the best Swiss outlets.

Let’s start with perfumes, which are one of our most popular categories. World-renowned brands such as Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci and Armani have launched irresistible new fragrances that will capture the essence of your personality. Check out the enveloping notes, floral bouquets or light, fresh fragrances. Our Swiss outlets offer unmissable discounts on these new creations.

Let’s move on to skincare. Creams from Shiseido, Clarins and many other leading brands offer innovative formulations to keep your skin healthy, hydrated and youthful. From moisturising creams to regenerating masks, you will find a wide range of products suitable for every skin type. Take advantage of promotions to update your skincare routine with the latest innovations.

Make-up is another essential element to enhance a woman’s beauty even more. Brands such as YSL Makeup, Lancome and Shiseido have launched new collections with vibrant colours, innovative textures and long-lasting formulas. You will find everything you need to create bold or natural looks for every occasion. Discover our special offers to take your makeup collection to the next level.

Don’t miss the opportunity to discover the latest from the best brands in our Swiss outlets. Take advantage of promotions and update your collection of perfumes, skin care creams, make-up and accessories. Choose quality and beauty novelties from the best-loved brands in the beauty industry.

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