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The Eco Round hair brush from IDC DESIGN ACCESSORIES is the ideal accessory to take care of your hair in a professional and sustainable way. This eco-friendly brush is made from natural materials such as cassava and maize, offering an environmentally friendly option for your hair care routine.

The main feature of this brush is its design with large openings, making it perfect for drying your hair. These openings allow the heat of the hair dryer to pass through the brush, speeding up the drying process and providing faster and more efficient results. In addition to this, the oval shape of the brush adapts perfectly to the contours of the head, ensuring even and smooth drying.

The Eco Round brush is equipped with soft, flexible nylon spikes that allow hair to be easily and gently detangled. These spikes are designed to avoid damaging the hair during the brushing process, minimising breakage and split ends. You can say goodbye to tangled hair and enjoy effortless brushing that gives your hair softness and shine.

The Eco Round brush range from IDC DESIGN ACCESSORIES is the perfect choice for those who want to combine the quality and effectiveness of a professional brush with an ecological footprint. The choice of natural materials to make these brushes demonstrates the brand’s commitment to the environment and sustainability.

Buy the Eco Round hair brush from IDC DESIGN ACCESSORIES now and experience its effectiveness and gentleness on your hair. Its combination of eco-friendly materials, ergonomic design and professional performance make it an indispensable addition to your hair care routine. Don’t miss the opportunity to take care of your hair in a sustainable way and to have a brush that suits your needs perfectly.

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