OLAPLEX Lashbond Building Serum

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OLAPLEX Lashbond Building Serum 4.5ml: Serum for Longer, Thicker, and Stronger Lashes

Our ultra-concentrated treatment is specially designed to lengthen, strengthen, and promote the growth of new lashes. OLAPLEX Lashbond Building Serum is a lightweight, transparent, and fortifying serum that will give you thicker and longer lashes! In just two weeks, your lashes will appear more conditioned and healthier, while in just four weeks, they will become longer and fuller.

Thanks to OLAPLEX Peptide Complex Technology, a patented blend of peptides and red clover flower extract, we enhance the natural growth cycle and retention of lashes, resulting in a longer, thicker, stronger, and fuller appearance. Our OLAPLEX Bond Building Technology supports the skin barrier along the lash line, creating a better environment for the natural growth of lashes.

Additionally, the serum contains hyaluronic acid and biotin to nourish and maintain healthy lashes while reducing the appearance and sensation of dryness and brittleness.

OLAPLEX Lashbond Building Serum is suitable for all skin types and can be used by those who wear contact lenses, have undergone lash lifts or extensions, or use false lashes.


  • Thicker, fuller, longer, and stronger lashes
  • Multi-peptide blend to nourish lashes
  • With hyaluronic acid and biotin
  • Fortifying
  • Visible results in just 2-4 weeks
  • Easy to use
  • Ophthalmologically tested
  • Non-irritating
  • Safe formula for the eyes
  • Paraben-free and sulfate-free
  • Vegan

Achieve longer, thicker, and healthier lashes with OLAPLEX Lashbond Building Serum. Apply it twice a day to clean and dry skin along the upper lashes. Allow it to dry for at least 90 seconds before applying other eye products. Remember not to apply it to the lower lashes.

Follow the instructions for proper application: Dip the brush once and apply a single stroke along the upper lash line, at the root of the lashes. Remove any excess product from the applicator before use. Avoid rubbing your eyes or applying other products until the serum has fully dried. Limit the application to a maximum of twice a day for best results.

Choose OLAPLEX Lashbond Building Serum to enhance the appearance of your lashes by increasing volume, length, strength, and density.


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