CHLOÉ Nomade Eau de Parfum Naturelle

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Nomade opens up new horizons and creates new encounters through its charm. Chloé Nomade takes you on a new olfactory journey for women in search of meaning and authenticity with its new fragrance: Nomade Eau de Parfum Naturelle, which celebrates different cultures and encounters.

Nomade Eau de Parfum Naturelle is a feminine eau de parfum for women with a sunny jasmine scent you can’t get enough of.

The timeless elegance of jasmine meets the softness of date, while vanilla and sandalwood provide a warm and irresistible base.

L’Eau de Parfum Naturelle Nomade contains no artificial colourings. The ingredients of the fragrance are 100% natural and the jasmine derivative is made from alcohol and water.

This fragrance is vegan and free of unnecessary ingredients.

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Eau de Parfum Naturelle 30ml, Eau de Parfum Naturelle 50ml

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