YSL Libre Le Parfum

Eau de Parfum 90ml

For a woman of confident freedom, ready to live everything to excess.

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Libre Le Parfum, the new intensity from Yves Saint Laurent. A spicy reinterpretation of the original and iconic lavender flower. For a woman of confident freedom, ready to live everything to excess.

THE STORY The Libre woman achieves freedom in its most scenic version: the freedom to live everything without waiting. Impassive, she floods the stage with her certainty and unwavering charisma. She is at one with this scorching freedom. Without compromise. Without limits. Libre, a fragrance like a scream of freedom. Freedom does not wait, and neither do you.

LIBRE Le Parfum, freedom in its most intense dimension: fire, imprisoned in a bottle. A spicy reinterpretation of the iconic Libre perfume structure, paying homage to Saint Laurent’s fire flowers. The tension between the boldness of French lavender and the fiery sensuality of Moroccan orange blossom, taken to the extreme with the spicy, lush touch of saffron. Yves Saint Laurent is committed to the future: orange blossom absolute from Morocco, lavender essence from France and saffron from the community gardens of L’Ourika come from sustainable production chains.

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