PHILIPP PLEIN No Limit$ Plein Super Fresh

Eau de Toilette

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PHILIPP PLEIN No Limit$ Plein Super Fresh is the new men’s fragrance bearing the signature of Philipp Plein. This Eau de Toilette has been created to awaken all the senses and provide a unique olfactory experience.

The distinctive notes of this fragrance harmoniously blend together to create a versatile scent suitable for both day and night. The woody notes, expressing a bold and enveloping character, merge with the citrusy notes, adding a vibrant freshness. This well-balanced combination makes NO LIMIT$ – PLEIN SUPER FRE$H a perfect all-rounder for any occasion.

The design of the bottle is equally iconic and unique. Taking inspiration from an exclusive billion-dollar credit card, the bottle represents the eccentricity and exclusivity of the Philipp Plein brand. The luxurious and bold appearance of the bottle perfectly reflects the spirit of the fragrance contained within.

With No Limit$ Plein Super Fresh, it’s time to infuse a burst of fresh energy into your life. This fragrance is an invitation to live without limits, to explore new horizons, and seize every opportunity. Wrap yourself in the enveloping and vibrant notes of this Eau de Toilette and let its unique fragrance accompany you on your journey.

Purchase it now online, available in a 50ml size for CHF 59.-. With No Limit$ Plein Super Fresh, immerse yourself in an extraordinary sensory experience and discover the freedom to live a life without limits.


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Eau de Toilette 90ml, Eau de Toilette 50ml

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