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SHISEIDO Ginza Eau de Parfum SET

SET 2pcs.

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SHISEIDO Ginza Eau de Parfum SET 2pcs.
The package includes:

Eau de Parfum 50ml
Body Lotion 50ml
Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate 10ml

Ginza Eau de Parfum is the feminine fragrance that celebrates the most vibrant and powerful facets of femininity. This floral bouquet is masterfully woven with vibrant woods, creating a harmonious balance between strength and femininity. Discover a symphony of enveloping notes that capture the unique essence of Ginza, the embodiment of sophistication and strength. Immerse yourself in an extraordinary olfactory experience with Ginza Eau de Parfum.

The natural elegance of flowers merges with the enveloping intensity of wood, creating a harmonious and irresistible blend. The enchanting intensity of jasmine, the captivating mystery of freesia, the sensuality of orchid, and the lingering persistence of magnolia come to life and depth thanks to patchouli and sandalwood, sculpted and perfected by the sacred Japanese cypress, Hinoki. On your skin, this floral-woody fragrance manifests as a truly unique and deep feminine essence. As your skin diffuses the delicate olfactory signature, unleash your energy. Your vitality is intrinsic; it’s just a matter of revealing it. Discover the magic of Ginza, where nature and inner strength blend into a unique harmony.

SHISEIDO Ginza Eau de Parfum SET

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