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YSL Libre Parfum

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The YSL women’s fragrance that expresses the freedom to live life according to one’s own rules.

The first Floral Lavander: the tension between the ardent sensuality of Moroccan Orange Blossom and the boldness of French Lavender with a sensual and feminine twist. A unique, irresistible and rebellious fragrance. The perfume for a strong, daring woman who is free to experience her freedom without limits.


The silhouette of the bottle reflects the masculine-feminine duality of the fragrance itself:

with its geometric lines inspired by a tailored suit; with the couture extravagance of the oversized Cassandra that cuts through the bottle, as if wrapping it up to break its codes; with the refined golden chain wrapped around the top of the bottle; and finally with the oblique cap, with its couture & sexy asymmetry.


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Eau de Parfum 90ml, Eau de Parfum 30ml

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