YSL Libre Absolu Platine EdP

Eau de Parfum

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YSL Libre Absolu Platine EdP. Discover the new absolute intensity to shiver with cold shivers and fire with LIBRE L’ABSOLU PLATINE, the new women’s fragrance from Yves Saint Laurent. This is the absolute intensity to burn with cold and tremble with heat, the fragrance of a strong, bold and free woman who experiences her freedom in an absolute way.

A new clash of desirability, inspired by the fusion of the two most precious materials in the world: gold and platinum. The jewel-like bottle, warmer than ever, encloses a unique metallic trace with the highest concentration within the LIBRE range.

A new absolute and unmistakable intensity, evoking a burning flame and a refreshing chill at the same time. A new tension between hot and cold, like a sharp breath of freedom on ice. Treat yourself to the luxury of the unmistakable scent of LIBRE L’ABSOLU PLATINE and experience absolute freedom.

Keywords: perfume, freedom experimentation, freedom/power, free experimenter, attractive and cool, luxurious girl.

YSL Libre Absolu Platine EdP 50 and 100ml

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Eau de Parfum 50ml, Eau de Parfum 90ml

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