CLARINS Masvelt Advanced Cream 200ml

Anti-wrinkle cream – Slimming body treatment

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The Masvelt Advanced Cream body has three levels of efficacy: emollient, refining and affine. The professional shape of the body makes it possible to increase grain destocking and reduce grain storage. The silhouette has been modified and is more aesthetically pleasing.

This professional body care grinder, with its creamy, rich texture, has been specially designed to facilitate massage.

Change to Masvelt Advanced Crème Anti-Rondeurs Rebelles from Masvelt Crème Anti-Rondeurs Rebelles.

What are the secrets of this body cream?

An innovative scientific and botanical product: 100% natural Arctic ferment extract, cultivated by fermentation, inhibits the movement of fat towards the adipocytes and promotes skin firmness.

A formula containing 96% natural ingredients

For whom:

all women who want to sculpt their skin

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