SHISEIDO Waso Calmellia Multi-Relief SOS Balm


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SHISEIDO Waso Calmellia Multi-Relief SOS Balm 20g

Discover the NEW WASO Multi-Relief SOS Balm, an exceptional balm designed to solve all your skin problems. With only 8 carefully selected ingredients, including the exceptional huile de graines de camélia from Nagasaki, Japan, this formula aims to offer relief and healing for your skin concerns.

What makes WASO Multi-Relief SOS Balm even more amazing is its solid, water-free vegan formulation. With 90 percent of the ingredients derived from natural sources, it is an environmentally friendly product that effectively cares for your skin and hair.

The versatility of this conditioner is a strength. You can take it wherever you go, thanks to its compact size. Whether you are dealing with dry, cracked or damaged skin, the Baume SOS Multi-Usages WASO will be your reliable companion to intensely nourish and moisturize. Suitable for all skin types, it acts as a protective barrier that soothes and regenerates.

Its rich, creamy texture gently melts into the skin, giving an instant feeling of comfort. You can apply it to dry lips, cuticles, irritated areas or even the ends of damaged hair to regenerate them.

The essence of WASO lies in its philosophy of using natural and powerful ingredients to promote healthy skin. WASO’s Baume SOS Multi-Usages is a step in this direction, providing a holistic treatment that addresses skin problems across the board.

Join the skin wellness revolution and discover the power of SHISEIDO Waso Calmellia SOS Multi-Relief Balm. With its unique formulation and commitment to sustainability, this balm is a must-have for those seeking a natural and effective skincare solution.

Recharge your skin with SHISEIDO Waso Calmellia Multi-Relief SOS Balm and experience radiant, reborn beauty, day after day.


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