Creed is a luxury perfume brand with a history of more than 250 years. Its reputation is based on the quality of ingredients, craftsmanship of production techniques and distinctive fragrances. Their range of perfumes is broad and includes unisex fragrances, fragrances for men, and fragrances for women.

One of the distinguishing features of Creed perfumes is the attention to detail. Each fragrance is carefully crafted, using only the best ingredients. For example, Aventus perfume, one of the most famous, uses only the best ingredients such as bergamot, patchouli, musk, and amber.

Creed perfumes are highly valued by many fragrance lovers. Their attention to detail and quality ingredients make them unique. Each fragrance is created with care and with a specific vision in mind. If you are looking for a unique and luxurious fragrance, Creed may be the right choice for you.


We are official sellers of Creed Parfums (for many years now) and can advise you which fragrance is best for what you are looking for.

Below is our Top 10 Creed perfumes of the moment and all of time.


Beware of fakes: To be sure of buying an original Aventus, we recommend only using authorised dealers or official Creed websites to avoid falling into counterfeit traps.
You should always analyse the bottle, the materials should be of quality, the glass should be thick and transparent, the logo on the box should be embossed and the label on the bottom of the bottle should have the Creed logo and the year of production.


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Are you looking for a hair treatment with vegan products that work effectively and in a short time?

Having dream hair is now possible, even by choosing a treatment from home. Depending on your needs and desires: to moisturise, volumise or brighten … incorporating it into your daily beauty routine will be easy.

From shampoo to hair mist, we reveal the secret to beautiful, healthy and fragrant hair. Don’t miss the chance to have shiny, shiny, volumised and always tidy hair.

Olaplex is the only treatment that restructures and repairs damaged hair in depth. Try it! It is an easy 3-step process where active ingredients work at the molecular level to heal stems damaged by chemical processes and thermal stress.

The Olaplex treatment is the first and only multiplier of disulphide bridges, the molecular bonds present in hair that are damaged even severely during chemical (colour and especially bleaching), mechanical or thermal services, resulting in damaged, dull hair.

Olaplex mixed in colour and bleaching acts directly on these bonds, multiplying and reconnecting them, immediately restoring integrity, structure and shine to very damaged hair, appearing healthier.

Buy your Olaplex treatment at FreeShopSwiss.ch and receive it conveniently at home.

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Toner and cleansing milk have always been considered the perfect couple to give your skin softness, tone and radiance thanks to the combined action of their principles. They will take care of you right from the start.


But is there a timeline to make the best use of them? How do I use the toner? Do I need to rinse it out? What about the cleansing milk? Does it replace make-up remover?

We will answer all these questions, but first, it is important that you recognise your skin type: oily, normal or dry!

After that, we can get on with our routine. So, Let’s go!


When should I use them? Morning and evening would be perfect.

In the morning, it is necessary to remove the metabolic waste produced by the skin that has regenerated during the night.

While before going to sleep, cleansing is necessary to remove residues of sebum, smog, and any traces of make-up left after applying make-up remover.


Cleansing your face is an essential step if you want to have toned, healthy-looking skin with tightly closed pores.


Apply cleansing milk over your skin to finish cleaning and to prepare it for your toner (cleansing with or without water? It depends: sensitive and easily reddened skin usually cannot tolerate tap water, which is much more tolerated by normal or oily skin. If you are one of the former, try using thermal water).


And as a final step, take a cotton ball or pad, pour in a few drops of your toner and dab gently on the most sensitive areas; vigorously on the cheeks and forehead. Toner is a must have because it balances the skin’s pH, which has been altered by cleansers and can damage the skin over time, leaving it dull and dry or oily and shiny. It also helps to close the pores.


Your skin will be ready to receive all the other care it needs: moisturise it with a cream and remember to do a nice nourishing mask at least once every fortnight!


Be simply beautiful, with us ❤️


And here are our great offers on toner and cleansing milk of this month (while stocks last, so HURRY UP!):

Lancôme Lait Galatée Confort


54.00            CHF 39.90

Lancôme Tonique Confort


59.00           CHF 39.90

Lancôme Tonique Douceur


54.00            CHF 39.90

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