SHISEIDO Ginza EdP Intense

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SHISEIDO Ginza EdP Intense is a fascinating new creation from the renowned Shiseido fragrance line. This fragrance expresses the elegance and charm of a woman who is the master of her emotions, a self-confident and magnetic woman.

At the heart of this amber floral composition shines a beautiful rose, one of the most classic and fascinating notes in perfumery. The rose is a perfect choice to represent femininity and beauty, and in this Shiseido fragrance, it is elevated to a new level of sensuality and sophistication. The floral notes are enhanced by a touch of amber, giving the fragrance depth and warm envelopment.

Perfectly balanced, SHISEIDO Ginza Intense develops into a bouquet of sensual and enveloping roses. In addition to the rose, the composition is enriched with precious woods, which give the fragrance a solid and lasting structure. The woods add an earthy and slightly mysterious nuance, giving the fragrance an intriguing and captivating character.

The energy emanating from this fragrance is lively and stimulating. SHISEIDO Ginza EdP Intense captures the essence of a woman who lives life with passion and determination, who attracts others with her magnetic presence. The fragrance reflects the bold and dynamic personality of a modern woman, who is able to face every challenge with grace and charm.

The visual appearance of SHISEIDO Ginza Intense is just as captivating as its aroma. The elegantly designed bottle reflects the preciousness of the fragrance contained within. The colour of the fragrance recalls its energising vitality, creating a complete and immersive sensory experience.

Ultimately, SHISEIDO Ginza Intense is a fragrance that embodies the beauty, confidence and inner strength of a fascinating woman. With its notes of sensual rose, precious woods and irresistible vitality, this fragrance is an ode to modern femininity and the power of emotion.

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Eau de Parfum 30ml, Eau de Parfum 50ml

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